About Us

"Necessity is the mother of all great creations" George Farquhar

And that's pretty much how we, more or less, stumbled across the idea of what we now know as En Fuego. As my eldest son Mark & I were sitting out by his fire pit smoking cigars one late fall evening in 2005, we pondered the dilemma of where we were going to smoke cigars once the weather turned cold. Having lived in the Lake Ray Hubbard area most of our lives, we watched it grow into a thriving community. Yet one thing that was missing was a cool lounge where "the guys" could come hang out, watch a ball game & share their passion of cigars. What started out as light-hearted dialogue that night quickly grew legs & the amalgamation of necessity & creation was underway.

En Fuego Tobacco Shop opened its doors in August of 2006 with a resounding reception. Our dream was realized when we heard story after story from guys just like us that were elated to finally have an environment where they could rekindle their bond with their dad, son, grandfather, co-worker even or even their spouse over their mutual love of cigars. With the overwhelming response we received, it became obvious that a place like this was way overdue. Our creation was an instant hit. A year later, I convinced my other son Lee to join the business & as expected, he too fit in seamlessly.

We take great pride in providing a cathartic, get away for people to come in & forget about the hustle & bustle of life for a bit. We could never have imagined what a staple this place would develop into, & what great relationships would evolve out of it. Our motto that we feel has made this humble little cigar lounge successful is that we are not here to sell cigars; we are here to sell an atmosphere.

Best regards, Larry, Mark & Lee